My name is Hélène Barraud, I’m an Italian Swiss artist born in Monterosso in the Cinque Terre and raised also in the thriving cultural territory of Montreaux. I studied graphic at the “AANT Academy” in Rome, I organized several art exhibitions around Italy and I launched my exhibition space, initially in the province of Varese and now in Montreaux. I curated the images of several important companies, combining art and graphics in a unique combination, and I realized eclectic projects and rich ideas of any sort of contamination.

In my exhibition space, you can admire some of my paintings, created with oil colours, sand, acrylics, watercolours, vinavil, pieces of fabrics and different materials. My paintings are inspired for the most part by my homeland -Monterosso al Mare- and they are small theatres of colourful explosions where the protagonists perform (Ligurian boats “gozzi”, agaves, colourful houses, narrow alleyways “carruggi”, beach umbrellas). 

I realize painting on request and I can send it in every part of the world.